Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October Wish List

It's been a while since I have compiled a list of things I'm lusting after but just recently there have been a few things that I've been on the hunt for or in the case of some of the shoes below wishing for so here are a few things!

Converse: I know we've had this conversation before you don't need to tell me! The thing is I just can't bring myself to decide being the tempermental person that I am! A friend of mine has the new "leather" converse in white so I went into Schuh and asked about the black pair and bam. They don't arrive in the UK until December. 3 months away. They have the ones that are exactly the same in white but not the black ones. No because clearly that would silly of me to think that they would bring them out at the same time. *sighs*
Floral Dr Martains: These are defiantly a Wish list item! These are £90 in Schuh so I can't see myself taking the plunge but a matte brown pair might just be too tempting I don't know...
Brown Sherling Boots: I love the whole Fur topped trench boot look and I had an absolutely amazing pair for the last 2 years that I wore to death. Literally they got a hole in the bottom and I had to throw them out :'(. I've been looking for another pair this year but the closest I've found is these from newlook but they have a huge heal and I'm 5ft 8 as it is! I can't go to school being a giant! So the hunt continues!
Brown Ladies Loafers: I need these. They are gorgeous and feminine yet comfy and everything that's good in life. These are from New Look but they're everywhere right now want I like about these is that they're a waterproof leather-equ material   as a posed to a suade which is good for days like today where the heavens open and drown everybody/ just me. 

Biker Jacket: I might have ordered this at lunch time, its just what I've been looking for I have wanted a leather jacket for a while now so ill let you know if this beauty from Matalan fits when it arrives!

Marroon Scarf: I have a scarf addiction and I'm in love with the colour Marroon so its only a matter of time isn't it really? 

The Great Gatsby Soundtrack: I need this I've heard all the songs on it at some point and I adore them all so this is going on my autumn playlist. If I was to pick favourites my top 5 are: Sia- Kill and Run, Florence and the Machine- Over the Love, The XX- Together, Lana del Ray- Young and Beautiful, Gotye- Your Hearts a Mess. But I love them all! 

Vampire Weekend- Modern Vampires of the City: There are better things to name an album granted but I've really gotten into these guys recently! They're good. 

The Hunger Games- Catching Fire Soundtrack: *designated 10 second freaking out session commences* HAVE YOU SEEN THE TRACK LIST? IT'S AMAZING LIKE LOADS OF ARTISTS I LOVE ARE ON THERE!  *designated 10 second freaking out session over* Coldplay's Atlas has a Lyric video up now (YouTube it its very pretty!) there's also a Sia track and Imagine Dragons and Of Monsters and Men and Ellie Goulding to name my favourite people! Unlike The Hunger Games there is no Taylor Swift though, my sister will be upset! If only October was closer! :(

What's on your wish list right now? 

Love Kim x

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