Wednesday, 31 July 2013

New Months Resolutions- August


 I came up with the idea a week or so ago when I realised that I really needed to make some changes in my lifestyle and state of mind. With the start of a new month just hours away I thought I'm going to set some goals this month and stick to them, because the start of a new month is a clean slate in my eyes; It doesn't matter if the last month was a bit of a mess then because August is a new page on the calendar and its clean and tidy and you can do what you want with it right? So here are my three goals...

1. Be less negative: I am a renown Pessimist and my friends and family notice it about me (Sorry!) . The worst thing is it doesn't help anything, it makes everyone around me feel down and it makes me feel pretty darn depressed too; it's basically just really, really rubbish all round isn't it? So I'm going to aim to be more positive in my state of mind and see things in a better light. This is by far the hardest of the aims I have set for this month but the most important to me...

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2. Get more Active: I joined the gym last week after fining out that stretching for the remote on the coffee table doesn't count as exercise. I thought especially with not doing PE next year (hallelujah!!!) and not dancing anymore (I did contemporary dance for a couple of years and a load before that when was a lot younger) and with having more time over the summer I wanted to make a conscious effort to keep active from now on and I'm surprisingly genuinely enjoying myself doing it! (Nobody is more shocked than me!)

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3. Get back into a sleeping routine: I think this may be the route cause of my negativity recently because although I get into bed at around 10:30pm I then go on my phone until 00:45 very late and then not falling a sleep until even later/ earlier . it's a known fact that electronics are a root cause of insomnia (tut tut bad Kim!) so I hope that if I put my phone to charge on the opposite side of my room as opposed to my bed side we'll be okay?

We'll see how this goes and I'll review how its all gone at the end of August! I'm hoping that by writing goals this was ill commit to them more but we shall see! 

Happy August!
Love Kim x

Monday, 29 July 2013

July Favourites


So July was a long time coming but now where has it gone! I'm posting this slightly earlier than I initially planned but with good reason! I have something a bit different to post on Wednesday so eye's pealed for that! So before I start to ramble on these are my favourites for this month!

Fashion Favourites-


Now I am a jeans and a top kind of girl and dresses are a rare thing on my agenda but but with these mood swings that the British weather patterns are having I am having to branch out to deal with the humidity *panics* This Primark Pinafore dress is my current obsession for rainy days where it's quite humid (It feels like Florida in the UK right now me and my Mum almost got caught in a sudden storm earlier and even she said how uncharacteristic this weather is for England! If you don't live here we are used to day long dizzily rain and April showers so these recent storms and flash floods are pretty alien here in the Midlands...) so wearing jeans/ shorts I this weather felt wrong but this has been perfect. Well done Primark!
This Satchel bag I have had for a while now but I cut the label out so can't remember where it's from! It's very sturdy and fits plenty in without being uncomfortably big which I love!
Recognise this hair bow? I have shown it amongst some others in a post this month but I literally haven't taken this baby off! I wear a lot of black so this is pretty much permantly attached to my head now...

Book and Film Favourites-

I figured since I had already mentioned The Divergent series in Last Months Favourites and reviewed Insurgent a few weeks ago I would give this a mention because I really love it! The Secret Garden was a nice contrast from the constant action and plot twists of insurgent which  liked and the story is so cute there isn't one dislikeable character which Is lovely too! I honestly don't think there is a bad guy at all!
How Could I not mention Monsters University? There was no point in me reviewing a Pixar Film. I mean lets be honest, when have Pixar made a bad film? Although I will say Planes worries me a little bit, will it discredit Cars? I hope not but when the Trailer said "I don't cry I'm British!" Brilliant.

Random Favourites-

So we eat a lot of snack bars in our house so I picked these up to try and they are very nice. I'm not going to pretend they compare to a chocolate bar or a tube of Smarties (Man do I love Smarties...) but I really like these for a "healthy" snack I mean you can't eat chocolate all the time! (If only!)
I've mentioned previously that my sister is obsessed with Taylor Swift and although I respect her as a person, I don't normally listen to her music but her first album has a real summer vibe which I love! Specifically Our Song has been a favourite with the lovely weather this month.

The Natural Collection Lipstick in Rosé Bud is my addiction for my makeup days! I haven't wore much if any make up since being off school for the summer break. But when I find something that I like makeup wise, I will then use it within an inch of its life before starting on something else! This colour is very similar to my natural lip colour so it works for me without looking to OTT which is an issue I have sometimes! 

The blue Umbrella short. 
Friend: Went to see Monsters University the other day.
Me: DID YOU SEE THE BLUE UMBRELLA? WASN'T IT ADORABLE? What can I say I love the Pixar shorts! 

Favourite Internet People-
My favourite Youtuber this month would have to be with out a question NerdyandQuirky! She was announced as being one of two winners of a competition to cover John Green' Tuesday videos whilst he has been on paternity leave and from there I was hooked, obsessively. She is really genuinely hilarious and she is quirky (her channel name might suggest)  which is what I love about her videos, there is nothing in my subscription box that is the same! She's really doing it for the comedy girls on YouTube too. Basically I love this girl!
Favourite Quote:

I have no idea of the origin of this picture other than that it was tweeted by bubz beauty a week or so or go. I actually have this on my own mood board on my wall because I do stress easily over little bad things ie: If I wake up late on the morning of an exam I know the whole day will be bad and convince my self "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!" But it's just extra stress so this reminds me  that there is always a do over. 

And that concludes my favourites! What have you been loving this month? Leave it in the comments! 

Love Kim x 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Embracing the Weird

Is it odd to say hello more than once a day?

So sorry that I don't know the origin of this. It was on Facebook that I saw it but I really wanted to shared it because, well it's adorable! 
It also reminds me of a conversation from yesterday. In the car to buy uniform for my little brother and sister we were discussing the pronunciation of weird. My Mum and Brother say it Wee-er-d whilst me and my sister say we-rd. It's funny considering that we were all thought to speak by the same people. Looks like my dad will be the decider on this one although he's from London so everything he pronounces is automatically deemed wrong. I mean come on Dad, there's no 'r' in bath now is there? 

Do you ever pronounce things differently to people in your family or who you live with? 
Love Kim x

Kim's Kinda Reviews: City of Bones-- Cassandra Clare


I was determined to finish this yesterday but after staring at the World Famous Lindo Wing Door for half an hour then getting all Prince of Cambridge happy to the point where I missed Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (Guilty Pleasure I know.) Anyway It didn't happen until today and whilst it's fresh in my mind here is My Kind of "Round up" of what I thought of this before I go upstairs to start City of Ashes! As always there are no Major Spoilers to ruin your enjoyment! Except the quotes maybe but lets move swiftly on shall we?

Favourite Character: SIMON! Oh my Simon is the kind of character that I can't help but adore. He's Dorky I a Cute and funny in way that I love. He also makes StarWars references which puts a big thumbs up in my books! I also of course love the way he is always there for Clary knowing that he she doesn't feel the same way towards him in hope that she will realise that she does. Gah!! My heart!

Other characters I like a lot: Jace. Now it might just be the fact that he's described as being incredibly sexy that made me like Jace from the off set even when he was being a bit of a knob but he through the book becomes likable not only in the sense that he is protecting of his friends and Clary (for whichever of the two possible reasons that may be!) I also liked Alec in the way that I felt sorry for him for the same reasons as Simon. The sad thing is it isn't a love triangle for him even, its just a one way street which only makes it 10000000000000 times worse. Gah!! Speaking of Alec I liked Magnus Bane from the outset but when he just sowed up to help him at the end I just couldn't help but adore him for it. He's so cute! I also like Clary of course but for the majority of the book she's the protagonist and it's more unusual for the protagonist not to be likable in my experience.

Favourite Lines: SPOILERS

1.  “In future, Clarissa," he said, "it might be wise to mention that you already have a man in your bed, to avoid such tedious situations."
You invited him into bed?" Simon demanded, looking shaken.
"Ridiculous, isn't it?" said Jace. "We would never have all fit.”

2. Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?' Jace said, "Unfortunately, Lady of the Haven, my one true love remains myself."
..."At least," she said, "you don't have to worry about rejection, Jace Wayland."

"Not necessarily. I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting.”  

3. “That's why when major bad asses greet each other in movies, they don't say anything, they just nod. The nod means, 'I am a badass, and I recognize that you, too, are a badass,' but they don't say anything because they're Wolverine and Magneto and it would mess up their vibe to explain.”  

4. “Honestly I don't know why I have these parties"
"Because of your cat"
"That's true. Chairman Meow deserves my every effort”

5. “He understands why people hold hands: he’d always thought it was about possessiveness, saying This is mine. But it’s about maintaining contact. It is about speaking without words. It is about I want you with me and don’t go.”  

Had to put something of a none comic nature in there!

Rating: 3.5 Stars- I haven't read a supernatural novel I a while so its not much of a surprise that for me it's not the kind of book I would ordinarily read the sequel to had the film not have been coming out next month and everyone having told me that they are amazing. On the other hand if you are into supernatural fiction defiantly give it a go My Mum and Sister are after it now, they'll have to fight for it...

Read anything good recently? I'm still on Goodreads if you're into that kind of thing!

Love Kim xx

Monday, 22 July 2013

Monsters, Morals and Jamie Campbell Bower


So I managed to start the week well by going to see Monsters University ahora con mi Amiga (sometimes I miss Spanish, it's so strange not going to a Spanish speaking country this summer the closest to abroad I'm getting is Devon!) it was amazing like so good and it all linked perfectly with the original Monsters Inc. seamlessly. Half way through however me and my friend were wondering what the moral to this Disney-Pixar wonder was, it seemed at one point to be that "life is unfair and not everything is theory" which seemed a little demotivating for school kids but it turned out to be that if things don't go to plan initially, don't give up which may be pretty relevant to me and people my age in general come results day! Most importantly it said not to give up on your dreams (because we all love a good Disney cliché right?) Also the blue Umbrella Short? AMAZE!


After the movie and asking a ticket person to take our picture outside the cardboard Monsters University we went to Number One Bead Shop as my friend is into Jewellery making beading and she picked up some well beads as you might guess amongst other things and everything in there was so pretty it's basically full of strings of the most beautiful beads and they are just the most lovely things ever!

Then after a while of shopping we found ourselves in Waterstones and I was telling my friend about City of Bones which I am reading at the moment. Then we saw the cover with the movie characters on and this was said of Jamie Campbell Bower:
Me: Just look at His cheekbones! He has such amazing cheekbones!
R: Yeah, Its good when Boys have cheekbones...
 It cannot be denied.

Finally we checked for Royal Baby updates (nada) and went to Cookie Shake where I branched out from my usual Galaxy Cookie Crumble and got the Smarties Shake, both are lovely might I add! I have also decided that from this day forward, until the end of 2013, I will not get the same cookie Shake twice. I assure you this will not be like my McDonalds Boycott and I will stick to this like a Stamp to a letter ,like birds on a feather, We'll stick together! (sister act reference intended...)
 Hope your Monday wasn't too much of a drag! What did you get up to today?

Love Kim xx

Friday, 19 July 2013

Fandoms- A rant of sorts


So, Fandoms? A community of people who like a particular Movie, TV show or Book series. If any of this is complete gibberish to you panic not! All will be explained. Now I'm not going to claim to be a major "Fan girl" about anything, I mean I could say that I was a NerdFighter* for example, which yeah I would say that I was I've read all of John Green's Books (My favourite's are a close call between Looking for Alaska and The Fault in our Stars but I also adore Paper Towns, I'm going off on one now.) but when I compare myself to someone who goes to gatherings and who references to every "NerdFighter word" I only really say DFTBA. Fin. 

Still I would say that I was part of a few fandoms such as:The Vlog Brothers (Nerdfighter), Harry Potter (Potterhead) and Dr Who (Whovian) as the main 3 for me but I will admit to being a bit of a Dinosaur for example but I mean on Tumblr you can see the sheer number of fandoms out there from Adventure Time and Sherlock (should I watch Sherlock I have heard that there's a lot of Hype surrounding it...) to the tumblr fandom referring to anything related to Jennifer Lawrence the number of fandoms are endless.

Back to the point of the difference between a Fangirl and par of a Fandom. I think there is a difference. I mean when I think of Fangirls I think of people who literally obsess with a Fandom and then there's me. I still think I'm part of such fandoms but I wouldn't say I was Fan Girl crazy, Is that okay?

What is the difference between a person who is a part of a Fandom and a Fan Girl? Is there one?

Please help me out here guys I really am confused.

Love Kim x

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Foxs, Puns and Jolly Good Fun...


So I have had a fab Thursday today going shopping with Mis Amigas and picking up this little beauty from Token House in Town...
Meet Socks (because socks rhymes with Fox, you like?) 
Unfortunately for us Town was packed with University graduates (well done y'all! You made it through!) which meant that we couldn't go to Pizza Hut as planned because the line to be served was out the door! So we went to McDonalds (I know, but they did get my order right at this branch) and had an estimated 600 calorie lunch *faints.* We then went back to my friends for good old fashioned orange squash and a good old bit of Wii Party
Then home and straight out again for a lovely few hours playing just dance with 18 seven to ten year olds at Brownies (I'm a leader since I am older than 10, unfortunately...)  we had a BBQ! This probably wasn't the best place for it in hindsight though...

Whoops! But nothing exploded luckily ,mind you me and my friend did set fire to our dampers so we had to rinse them in a sink. I think it's fair to say that our dampers were the dampest (if you'll pardon the pun...) 
We topped the night off with a good time capsule burial and a game of Chubby bunny (what else can you do with leftover marshmallows?) our winner fit 7 in! I however didn't participate under the grounds of vegetarianism and finally played a good old fashioned game of Duck Duck Goose with a 4 year old. Jolly good fun! 

But if your Thursday was less exciting, just think the weekend is close. But if that's not enough for you: 
Punny Koalas. J'ai Fin. 

Happy Thursday!

Love Kim xx



So I have a BlogLovin' now (I've entered 2013 now, late but I made it!)

So if your on there then if you want to I would love it if you would follow me (autumnleavesandmisperceives)and from experience it's one of the easiest ways to see all the blogs you read- provided that the blogger/s have an account- at once. Like literally where have you been all my life? Obviously it was there but I was being too stubborn to embrace the newness!

Hope you have a lovely day!

Love Kim xx

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P.P.S- I'm really bad with codes so that may be completely wrong but I'm trying okay?

Monday, 15 July 2013

Quote of the Day:

Kim's Kinda Reviews-Now You See Me


I Like this film poster, not sure why exactly but I do...

So I'm not going to lie to you when it comes to going to the cinema I have set types of films I normally see: films that have been made out of books - be it a classic novel, YA movie or a fantasy flick if I liked the book i'll see the film. But my friend, who i was going to catch up with suggested we saw Now You See Me. This was advertised as a Crime Thriller which isn't up my street normally but I had see the trailer and it looked good so I thought yeah I'm going to broaden my horizons and see this. My Friend made a very good decision here. She has a good taste in films I have decided!

Although it wouldn't be what I would call a Thriller  exactly, this film had more twists than the maze in the Triwizard Tournament and I loved that! Without giving too much away the film follows a team of FBI agents following a "Magic" act called the Four Horsemen as they performs several stunts/ heists including the "theft" of millions of dollars from a French bank. It also has Morgan Freeman as a magic exposing guy (is it just me who always images him as God from Evan Almighty? Maybe?) and them trying to stay ahead of what stunts they are going to pull next.

Not going to lie had I read this "Film Blurb" having not seen it it would probably not seem like something that's my cup of tea but it really was incredibly gripping and enticing to watch (get me) and every scene had something that set it apart from anything else that happened, good for me who can sometimes find action films a little repetitive at the best of times. I mean as an example, car chases- generally the part of the movie when I check the time- Didn't check the time once! There's almost a connection that you get watching the events that makes it so engaging to watch and even though as I kind of expected there was very little screen time given to character interaction you still get a strong connection with them because they're all very likeable which was strangely brilliant. Just thinking about it, there was no "bad guy" as such but that's a teeny tiny bit of a spoiler for you!

I would love to see this film again, just to follow it though again knowing the ending (which is a shocker) and tracing it back from the start (is that kind of sad of me? Never mind, it's out there now...) Highly recommend it! 

Stars: 4

Films I want to see from the Trailers: 
Kick Ass 2- I loved the first Kick Ass movie I think I've seen it twice or three times maybe? But this is a must see and I had seen the trailer before. I wonder if red mist will make an appearance in this one? I liked his car that had red mist coming out of it, that was a good superhero villain car...

Have you seen any good or surprising films recently? It's all welcome in the comments! 

Love Kim xx

Friday, 12 July 2013

Warmer Weather Wishlist


So in this time since finishing school and finishing exams and stuff I have found a few things that I am kind of on the hunt for but maybe can't either bite the bullet and get or have no use for dispute their beauty or adorableness!  Take these beauties for example...


1. Sheer Maxi Skirt- eBay: I saw one of these on sale and didn't buy it cause I thought maybe I wouldn't wear it. Then I saw Hanna on Pretty Little Liars wearing one almost identical and I basically regret not buying it! This is one I found on eBay which has unfortunately sold (it wasn't my size anyway) but still I love it! Also being 5 ft. 8 makes it slightly difficult when it comes to maxi varieties but every so often I find maxi gems that are pretty and long enough...
2. Bambi Hair Bow- Etsy
So as mentioned yesterday I have fallen in love with hair bows recently and I love Bambi as a movie so this is right up my alley! I have never ordered from Etsy though and am a little sceptical even though I know people who have and do but I can't bring myself to bite the bullet on this one...
3. Trilby Hat- Peacocks 
Year before last I picked up two straw Trilbies for a Holliday between me and my sister but after 10 days of laying on them and trips to the beach they weren't worth bringing home again! I have a wide brimmed straw hat for this year but still I don't know if I can resist the temptation of this trilby. 
4. Owl Lamp- Dunelm 
So I love owls and when I was in our local-ish Dunelm I saw this and swooned. I have no where 
To put it in my room but its so darn cute! 
5.  Sanderson Primavera Mandarin Blossom & Neroli Candle- Boots
This is an expensive candle. I cannot justify buying it in any way but I smelt it in boots the week before last and the Neroli scent just hooked me! I love the scent of Neroli and as much as I do I still can't do it! This is a wish list after all though, I can't buy it for myself as I'm not a self indulgent person and I wouldn't, I can still lust for it right?
6. Converse Trainers- Schuh
These on the other handle I  have been holding back on a pair of these for an age now! I have always been looking at black ones but something about the plain black wasn't doing it for me. I think these are the ones though! I think converse will be just the thing for sixth form as they're  casual, comfortable and versatile (couldn't find anything else beginning with the letter C!) also lets be honest they are kind of standard teenage Attire right? 
What's on your wish list right now? Feel free to comment any wish list posts you have done recently, I love to read new blogs!

Love Kim xx

Thursday, 11 July 2013

A Quick Little Chatter!


So I just wanted to quickly talk to you guys about a few bits and bobs that have been going on around here so you're in the know I guess! And of Course so that I don't go off on a ramble, I will number my points:

1. Sorry if there is a bit of jiggling about over the next few days/weeks! This blog less than a month old and although I did dedicate some time to sort out my layout before publishing posts there are still bits and bobs that I feel aren't quite right like post layouts and stuff which I would like to be consistent really in their layout. Things like my June favourites post which let's be honest was a bit of a mess layout wise I want to stop. Also the general layout of my blog I'm not 100% happy with but as I say there may be a little jiggling!

2. I'm Trying to settle into a regular posting schedule just because I like routine! What can I say! I'm thinking of posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday for full scale "Planed Posts" then others whenever something interesting happens or something that I think is worth posting about. So basically I am saying is that although I have a schedule now there maybe other unscheduled posts (me contradictory?)

That wasn't too rambly now was it? So I guess this means that I'll see you tomorrow? (Ah I love the certainty of routine!)

Love Kim xx

Mundane midweek 2


So I had a relatively Mundane Day today...

How could anyone Cut down this beauty?
So in the morning on the way to the shops I saw this beauty in a family friends garden which might be getting chopped down! Tried to talk her out of it though I love willow trees!!

I think I have a hair accessories problem...

So i have been a little obsessed with hair bows recently. (If you know me you have probably fell on the floor in shock at how I have destroyed my years long love affair with headbands. These are so much more comfy though and hold hair off my face better.) When I saw these beauties I couldn't resist!! I love the little birdie one and the navy polka dot one is spot on what I was looking for (if you'll pardon the pun.)

So I came home and decided to bake a chocolate cake. My sister's demanded that I make her one for her birthday now...
Nobody in their right mind would eat a slice this big! It's a very rich cake...

Then I had dinner and caught up on some tv- Pretty Little Liars if your wondering- and in doing so accidentally missed the interview round of the apprentice!! iPlayer tomorrow me thinks. 

Finally I got into bed got ready to turn out the light, then my dog walked in who is refusing to sleep in his downstairs bed at the moment. So after getting him a blanket to sleep on, we both went to sleep...

How was your midweek? Be sure to check out Charlottes Web's link-up!

Love Kim xxx

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

20 Facts About Me


So in the words of that popular Taylor Swift track that my sister is always blaring out from her room "You don't know about me, but I bet you want to!" If I've bet wrongly (because that's a word now)then this may not be the post for you but oh well! Here's as suggested by the Title 20 Facts about Moi!

1!. I have ginger hair.

2. I am completely fine with being called ginger! (Unless you're a big headed 11 year old who yells GINGER as I am walking down the street then I will probably just laugh at your lack of imagination when it comes to insults. Ditto "your mum" jokes.) Sometimes people walk eggshells around it like its an offensive term (which baffles me) and call it red or auburn but really it's just ginger to me!

3. I have 2 rabbits called Cookie and Beauty. They're so fuffy!

Lazy Bums Soaking up the sun!

4. I also have a rescue Lurcher (Greyhound cross Saluki) called Twix. He runs around a lot.

This Picture is actually from the winter and he is a lot fluffier now as when this was taken he had just recovered from a serious illness.

5. I am rubbish at having favourite anything's! Colour, Food, Band, Eye colour  you name it I won't have a set-in-stone permanent favourite- only temporary.

6. I am a vegetarian and have been my whole life. I don't eat meat or fish and although it's my choice now I can't see myself  ever eating meat simply because I'm happy with my lifestyle and diet, not because I have a problem with people eating animals or anything it's a personal choice. That said whenever I see people eating wings with any sticky sauce it looks to me like they are Cannibals. #sorrynotsorry!

7. I am the eldest of 3 and can't imagine life without my little brother and sister! 

8. I am going to study Spanish, English Literature, History and Politics for AS-Level next year (I will be in year 12!)

9. I sometimes crave cold milk at random times of day and always after eating chocolate/cake. I couldn't go vegan because of this!

10. I am an all round nerd. It's something I admit to now especially as everyone says so amongst my friends so I thought I might as well embrace it!
11. The first channels I ever subscribed to on YouTube were Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil. I'm still subscribed to them now and 58 other channels on YouTube (excessive? I have an issue where when people say "please subscribe it will make me so happy..." I turn all Ella Enchanted and do exactly as they say!) 

12.  I have an unhealthy obsession with memes to do with and just generally a certain actor who's last name rhymes with schmosling...
13. I love baking when I have time to especially cake and yes I do have that breakdown that they do on great British bake off when something goes wrong. 

14. Lifestyle blogging was something I was completely oblivious to until about 4 months ago. Until then I had only heard of beauty, foodie and comedy bloggers/vloggers. 

15. The only video game I have ever played properly is the Sims 3. I just don't see the appeal personally!  

16.I love books!!! 

17. John Green is one of my favourite Authors (see one of I can't narrow things down to one!) I also like things like the Hunger Games and other contemporary fiction. 

17.5.I also like classic literature like The Great Gatsby (I also loved the film if Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't get an Oscar next year I don't know what I'll do!)  I'm reading Classic Children's literature like the Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett at the moment too. Enjoying it a lot. 

I also really like the cover of this book.
18.I love shows like Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife (That said if one more main character dies in Downton Abbey I will not be a happy bunny!) I am also a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. Team Spoby and controversially team Stefan all the way! My Favourite Vampire Diaries couples are Matt and Rebekah and Klaus and Caroline  - This will happen.

19. I love Monochrome! 

20. I don't like tea. I understand that I have failed the entire British population in not doing so. 
I would have liked to have done the full 50 facts "tag" but as you maybe able to tell I'm not the most interesting of people but I hope you leaned something new about me! 

Love Kim xx 

Monday, 8 July 2013

Hay Day


So today was slightly stressful (more on that tomorrow?) but I have found something that is very therapeutic addictive that has taken my mind off things (and yes I know it's an old app!)...

I apologise If you do not see me over the next few days... 

Love Kim x

Kim's Kinda Reviews: Insurgent -- Veronica Roth.



I finished Insurgent last week and rather than do a full scale review which i tend to do on Goodreads (which I love) I thought I would do a run down of basic opinions and such that doesn't have any spoilers! (Unless you haven't read Divergent Then there may be a few but no major plot spoilers) 

Favourite Character/s: Aside from Tris I would have to say Tobias! What sets Tris and Tobias apart from other books is 1. No love triangle (which I must say is becoming slightly overplayed in these kind of novels these days I mean don't get me wrong I love a good love triangle as much as the next person but I liked that this one went for the approach as explained in...) 2. Their relationship is real in this book more so than divergent! They fight, they keep things from each other and I love that they have these flaws. They aren't perfect or a fairytale couple which makes the book more believable to me. In fact none of the Characters are "perfect" in these books they all have flaws and also redeeming qualities which I like, its more realistic.
Least Favourite Character: Calab; WHY VERONICA ROTH WOULD YOU EVEN DO THAT!!!)  

Favourite Lines:

1st: “People, I have discovered, are layers and layers of secrets. You believe you know them, that you understand them, but their motives are always hidden from you, buried in their own hearts. You will never know them, but sometimes you decide to trust them.”  

2nd: “Got that gun?” Peter says to Tobias. “No,” says Tobias, “I figured I would shoot the bullets out of my nostrils, so I left it upstairs.”  

3rd: “Cruelty does not make a person dishonest, the same way bravery does not make a person kind.”  

5 Stars! I really loved this book! And I would highly recommend the series so far- Only 16 weeks until Allegiant! *Cries in despair*

As if in perfect timing I now have City of Bones to read for which I have read and heard rave reviews even as I was scanning I the girl behind me said that they were really good books so I have high hopes ahead of the film next month!

What's the best book you have read recently? Any recommendations are welcome in the comments! Also If you have a Goodreads account feel free to befriend me if you want to see what other books I like and to read more in-depth/ detailed reviews that I plan to start writing again very soon!

Love Kim x

P.S: After completing many a quiz It appears that I, like Tris, would be Divergent between three Factions: Amity, Abnegation and Erudite (I know that last one is shameful!) I think most people would be Divergent though, maybe that's the point...

Thursday, 4 July 2013

On a Thursday evening in July


After a lazy day, nothing felt better than going out with some friends in the evening grabbing some fast food, stalking through twitter and looking at the sun set over the lake this evening. Unless your choice of fast food is McDonalds (in true American Independence Day fashion) for them to put chicken in your veggie wrap *sigh*. So I sat casually peeling proceed meat that I never want to touch again in my life off of a wrap in a park on a Thursday night in July. That being said the European tourists also on the park this evening with their adorable toddler )that kept running away from them) and this sunset view kind of made up for it...


Yes I know I won't be winning photographer of the year anytime soon and I'm officially boycotting McDonald's for life (I think I've only been 3 times total so it's not such a big loss.) I still had a lovely evening ahead of prom tomorrow!! 

Hope you've had a lovely day too! And happy American Independence Day if you celebrate it!
Love Kim x