Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Favourites

So it's July tomorrow! I would say that I can't believe the year is going by so quickly but honestly July has been a long time coming with exams starting on the 10th of May and then not finishing until the 19th of June! This also means that a lot of these favourites have been from the end of June but all the same they are favourites of the month so let us begin!
Book Favourites:
I read Divergent at the start of this month when I was very poorly over the June half term meaning I had chance to read more (I'm not complaining at that!) I fell in love with the characters through the book and I am still reading Insurgent right now but I am really enjoying it too!
Weird Things Customers Say in bookshops was a gift from a friend for my birthday this month and My goodness I kept me up at night laughing! The stories/ conversations in this book you just couldn't make up but were still believable at the same time. It kind of made me want to work in a bookshop over the summer.

Favourite Film: The Great Gatsby
This Film was Perfect. The attention to detail form the book like the eyes of god Billboard and I know it's controversial about the way that Nick Carraway was shown to be Fitz-Gerald but I loved that you got to see that aftermath of it all from his perspective and despite being in love with the book I liked this addition and the visuals were all perfect the soundtrack is really amazing too I love the Lana del Ray , Florence and the Machine, Sia and the XX tracks especilly but the rap music really worked in the film too dispute the 1920s setting.  I just, I , I love it okay?!
Fashion Favourites:
Sinful Colours Nail Polish-Sole Mate: I mentioned this nail polish in my Mundane midweek post the other day and I am in love! Defiantly one for prom (minus the polka dots mind) and I think it's such a nice summer colour too!
This purse was from Primark and since I am a little a lot in love with studs and a full time Monochrome kind of a girl I just couldn't leave it behind!

Random Favourites:
Phone Case- I was lucky enough to get a new Phone for my Birthday and I love this case my sister got for me (I chose it though!) As I say I love Monochrome and the retro spotty design is right up my street I love it!
Sherbet Pips- Another Birthday treat! I can't leave these alone; one leads to another and next thing you know you wake up with a sore roof of the mouth from the sugar! It was worth it though 100% worth it...
Imagine Dragons: Night Visions- This album is like my morning album right now! My top 3 songs are On Top Of The World, Amsterdam and Underdog right now but there isn't a single song that I ever skip past!
Bastille: Bad Blood- This album is currently an Evening Playlist before bed on loop! My top three on this one are: Laura Palmer, Oblivion and These Streets but again I love the lot of them 2 amazing summer albums!
Favourite Quote:
I Love this "Fault in Our Stars" Quote. I love The Fault in our Stars Book and can't wait till the film with the gorgeous Ansel Elgort *Swoons* You guys probably think I only read books with films confirmed to have Ansel Elgort in them don't you (It's true.)

If you have a Favourite's Post I would love to read it or even if you just want to tell me feel free to comment them below!

Love Kim x

Friday, 28 June 2013

Dispicable Me

So I love the kids film Despicable Me and my brother is actually going to see it for his friend's birthday party tomorrow (betrayed doesn't even begin to cover it) and I was talking to him about it today and it was kind of a funny conversation...

Me: I love Despicable Me, I just want to pick up the Minions and hug them!
11 year old Brother: Yeah but it's a bit Paedo...
Me: What? No it's not...
Me: Do even know what that word means?
Brother: yeah...
Me: What then?
Me: You don't know, do you? 
Brother: No...
Me: Where did you learn that word anyway, school?
Brother: What word?
Me: You know what word...
Brother: Well...What does it mean?
Me: Ask Mum.
I have no idea if he asked Mum or not but I just love it when this kind of thing happens and he says a word he doesn't understand! It probably won't happen anymore when he starts secondary school in September but It makes me laugh all the same!
Now if you'll excuse me I need to force ask someone to go and see Despicable Me 2 with me any offers?
Love Kim x

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mundane Midweek


I have been reading a lot of Mundane Midweek posts off of Charlotte's Web's (One of my favourite blogs!) Link up that she started a few weeks back and I love the idea of it! So I decided that considering how today has been especially mundane I decided that now was as good time as any to give it a go!

8:15- Got woken up by a text from a friend. She clearly does not understand that as an unemployed teenager, it is dangerous to wake me up at such an ungodly hour. GOSH!

Not long after I began the military operation which was having a wardrobe Clear out of all the school uniform that I no longer have to wear (Hallelujah!) As well as clothes that don't fit/ I don't wear anymore so I can now move things in my wardrobe! Then Twix wanted to be played with...

"There's the ball, it won't throw it's self!"
Then after a lunch that didn't begin to compare to the Chinese buffet I had yesterday (What do you mean Prom's next week?!) I decided to throw out all the school books and papers that I had been hording for 2 years. I recycled it of course! 

To reward myself, I made a Batch of Brownies! It was the first time I had used that particular recipe and they came out more cake like than I had hoped so maybe I'll give another recipe a go next time but they were Yummy all the same!

Finally I had a relaxed night and caught up on some YouTube Videos and blogs whilst painting my nails. I used Sinful Colours' Soul Mate which I bought from Boots yesterday along with a glitter Silver colour called Beauty Queen for doing something with for my prom nails! Might give that a try next time but I am really happy with the Soul Mate colour!

"On Wednesday we wear pink..."
Read a little Insurgent before bed really enjoying it too! I fell in love with Divergent when I read it but this seems to be taking a different direction as it progresses so we'll see how this goes!

And that was my day! I really love these kind of "day-in-the-life" post and I have read LOADS of those on the Charlottes Web Link up so if you have any Day-in-the-life kind of posts feel free to comment with them!

Love Kim x

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Ryan Gosling


So today my friend told me about these vine videos to do with Ryan Gosling (She had me from Gosling,) and how they were clips from movies he's in and then this spoon of cereal comes along and he reacts to it "refusing" to eat it. These are the best I could find to put up here from YouTube:

It's been out since mid-May so  hands up I'm late to the party with this one but all the same Ryan McHenry (who made the vines) I applaud you! Do I prefer this meme to my all time favourite Feminist Ryan Gosling Meme?
Eh, perhaps not, my current obsession with love for the Feminist Ryan Gosling is hard for anything else to compete with but I still had a good giggle at the "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal" Vines.

On the topic of Ryan Gosling one of my Bestie Amigas (who clearly knows Me far too well) got me this card for my birthday last week along with the Feminist Ryan Gosling book which I love to pieces! So when I can't sleep at night I just find myself flicking though pictures of Mr Gosling learning a bit of Feminist theory as I go! Who needs sleep right?
Love Kim x

The start of somthing new...


Ummm, sorry but who are you?
I'm Kim, I turned sixteen on Friday (Yay!!) and I live in the UK. I like love books, blogs, films, clothes and makeup (come on I'm a teenage girl this is completely acceptable). I'll stop there before this becomes my CV...

Right, so what is this blog about?
This is a Lifestyle blog, I'm not promising that I won't occasionally cross the border into realms of the "foodie" blog or mention the occasional "beauty", clothing item or book (especially books) but that's just because I like food and books and I have no problem with Beauty blogs or fashion blogs or any blog for that matter! Blogging is about sharing what you love right?

Why have you decided to start writing Autumn Leaves and Misperceives?
I decided that I wanted to start blogging since I was sat in my GCSE ICT class with my friend reading blogs like Charlottes Web and Milk Bubble Tea: Also looking at what was perhaps one too many feminist Ryan Gosling memes(Not to say we didn't get our work done in ICT, we are both the good students- you know the ones who sit at the front, do our homework even when nobody else bothered to and the kind that re-read the novel for the English exam multiple times over to be sure every symbol and metaphor is understood to a T)
The thing was I had my final GCSE exams coming up (18 of them...) and I needed to focus my energy and attention on those rather than another hobby on top. However now I am sat here with 12 weeks of summer ahead of me with plenty of time to dedicate to whatever I choose and I choose this, although I should probably also try to find a summer job, clear out some of the clutter that's been in my room for years and generally use this time to work out what I actually want to do with my life.

Here's to the start of this and to the start of something new *clink's mug with imaginary friend.*
Love Kim x

P.S~ I know that that last sentence secretly put a certain High School Musical song in your head, yeah that one. Maybe it came to my mind too but it can be our little secret,I won't tell...