Monday, 30 September 2013

September Things

Scarves- For me perfect for this time of year when its too warm for a coat but September so still Autumn!

Twix's new Collar- my parents brought this for him at the Nottingham greyhound Gathering and he looks so cute in it! He also seems to be acting all the more like a spoiled brat too, perhaps he thinks he's some kind of Raja now?  

The Great Gatsby- My love has been rekindled! I'm studying this at A-Level right now and it has reminded me how much of a good book it was the first time round!

My Bed- because nothing beats my winter duvet after a long day of school or work- or both if its a Friday!

Favourite Moment- Completing the Yorkshire 3 peaks! Although after, all I could really think about was my achy feet and a desperate need for a shower! 

Favourite Quote-

As much as I'm loving sixth form and everything that comes with it, it only reinforces the idea that I need to work out what I want to do with my life. I'm still hopeful that I will wake up one day knowing!
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