Monday, 23 September 2013

Happy Birthday Twix

On the 10th of September 2011 we met a very nervous little Lurcher advertised online as Twix at a rescue centre in Leicester. He was shaky and nervous when we first walked him and there was a pony nearby that kept on passing wind (both loud and stinky ones too.) It was sunny and we all fell in love with him instantly. 
Two years ago today a skinny, nervous and bald in places little lurcher from Leicester found a new home.

Twix has had his ups and downs over the 2 years and we've learned so much about him. He loves nothing more than a long run, a belly rub and his little squeaky orange toy (called squeaky.) Although he's not nervous as much he hates being in enclosed places and he particularly hates youths on bikes. He's basically a grumpy old man these days but once you let him off his lead you wouldn't believe he's nearly four! Nobody's told him?

Our first year with him wasn't easy. We discovered that he doesn't like enclosed spaces at the expense of a door, a floor and a dog crate. He had a massive section of one ear bit off after her was attacked by another dog and he became ill as a result of being misdiagnosed by two vets and nearly lost a paw as a result. I'll save these pictures for another day. We thought we were going to lose him and it's hard to believe that that was only a year ago that all that happened, its hard for anyone to believe that he's the same dog! 

This year has been so much better! Twix has been on his first family holiday, played on his first beach, over come a fear of kites, Played in snow, became a Smurf for the day Won a ribbon in a rescue dog competition, went to a greyhound gathering (I'm so gutted I was on DofE this weekend!) grew lots of fur, then got too much and lost lots of fur and so much more! 

He is a member of the family and we love him so much!

Even if we do embarrass him every so often! 

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