Monday, 16 September 2013

Where are you?


Been a while since I've used that intro but its been a while and this is just a quick one to say where I've been recently and a quick note to say that I'm sorry if the formatting for this post (and potentially the next few!) are a bit different/ odd my laptop has been having problems so is being figured out at the moment (I hope!) so apologies for that!

Thing 1 thats has been happening is lack of inspiration for posts. I have been going for it on my second blog (linked at the end!) but I just ran out of creative juice for a while then started questioning what it was that I wanted to post but no from now on I will post on here what I want because after all the whole point of me making a second blog was to have this blog as a more informal Internet space and Awesome Reads as something a bit more put together. 

Thing number two is the whole starting sixth form shin dig. Now this isn't why I stopped blogging on here at all its purely been the stress entailed from things like DofE Gold for which I have an expedition weekend starting this Friday! It's the 3 peaks in Yorkshire and I've been told by people who did it last year that its is freezing (not unnerving at all). Luckily because its just a selection walk we are only cooking our breakfasts- its chip shop and pub grub for the two nights we're camping! And I've picked up some hot chocolate sachet and a packet of Oreos (DofE essentials kids) so we'll be fine I'm sure!

I'm not making excuses for my self here I mean I've wrote stuff but I always think if there's nothing decent and interesting to say, don't say anything so here's to bringing it all back! 

Love Kim x

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