Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The start of somthing new...


Ummm, sorry but who are you?
I'm Kim, I turned sixteen on Friday (Yay!!) and I live in the UK. I like love books, blogs, films, clothes and makeup (come on I'm a teenage girl this is completely acceptable). I'll stop there before this becomes my CV...

Right, so what is this blog about?
This is a Lifestyle blog, I'm not promising that I won't occasionally cross the border into realms of the "foodie" blog or mention the occasional "beauty", clothing item or book (especially books) but that's just because I like food and books and I have no problem with Beauty blogs or fashion blogs or any blog for that matter! Blogging is about sharing what you love right?

Why have you decided to start writing Autumn Leaves and Misperceives?
I decided that I wanted to start blogging since I was sat in my GCSE ICT class with my friend reading blogs like Charlottes Web and Milk Bubble Tea: Also looking at what was perhaps one too many feminist Ryan Gosling memes(Not to say we didn't get our work done in ICT, we are both the good students- you know the ones who sit at the front, do our homework even when nobody else bothered to and the kind that re-read the novel for the English exam multiple times over to be sure every symbol and metaphor is understood to a T)
The thing was I had my final GCSE exams coming up (18 of them...) and I needed to focus my energy and attention on those rather than another hobby on top. However now I am sat here with 12 weeks of summer ahead of me with plenty of time to dedicate to whatever I choose and I choose this, although I should probably also try to find a summer job, clear out some of the clutter that's been in my room for years and generally use this time to work out what I actually want to do with my life.

Here's to the start of this and to the start of something new *clink's mug with imaginary friend.*
Love Kim x

P.S~ I know that that last sentence secretly put a certain High School Musical song in your head, yeah that one. Maybe it came to my mind too but it can be our little secret,I won't tell...

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