Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Favourites

So it's July tomorrow! I would say that I can't believe the year is going by so quickly but honestly July has been a long time coming with exams starting on the 10th of May and then not finishing until the 19th of June! This also means that a lot of these favourites have been from the end of June but all the same they are favourites of the month so let us begin!
Book Favourites:
I read Divergent at the start of this month when I was very poorly over the June half term meaning I had chance to read more (I'm not complaining at that!) I fell in love with the characters through the book and I am still reading Insurgent right now but I am really enjoying it too!
Weird Things Customers Say in bookshops was a gift from a friend for my birthday this month and My goodness I kept me up at night laughing! The stories/ conversations in this book you just couldn't make up but were still believable at the same time. It kind of made me want to work in a bookshop over the summer.

Favourite Film: The Great Gatsby
This Film was Perfect. The attention to detail form the book like the eyes of god Billboard and I know it's controversial about the way that Nick Carraway was shown to be Fitz-Gerald but I loved that you got to see that aftermath of it all from his perspective and despite being in love with the book I liked this addition and the visuals were all perfect the soundtrack is really amazing too I love the Lana del Ray , Florence and the Machine, Sia and the XX tracks especilly but the rap music really worked in the film too dispute the 1920s setting.  I just, I , I love it okay?!
Fashion Favourites:
Sinful Colours Nail Polish-Sole Mate: I mentioned this nail polish in my Mundane midweek post the other day and I am in love! Defiantly one for prom (minus the polka dots mind) and I think it's such a nice summer colour too!
This purse was from Primark and since I am a little a lot in love with studs and a full time Monochrome kind of a girl I just couldn't leave it behind!

Random Favourites:
Phone Case- I was lucky enough to get a new Phone for my Birthday and I love this case my sister got for me (I chose it though!) As I say I love Monochrome and the retro spotty design is right up my street I love it!
Sherbet Pips- Another Birthday treat! I can't leave these alone; one leads to another and next thing you know you wake up with a sore roof of the mouth from the sugar! It was worth it though 100% worth it...
Imagine Dragons: Night Visions- This album is like my morning album right now! My top 3 songs are On Top Of The World, Amsterdam and Underdog right now but there isn't a single song that I ever skip past!
Bastille: Bad Blood- This album is currently an Evening Playlist before bed on loop! My top three on this one are: Laura Palmer, Oblivion and These Streets but again I love the lot of them 2 amazing summer albums!
Favourite Quote:
I Love this "Fault in Our Stars" Quote. I love The Fault in our Stars Book and can't wait till the film with the gorgeous Ansel Elgort *Swoons* You guys probably think I only read books with films confirmed to have Ansel Elgort in them don't you (It's true.)

If you have a Favourite's Post I would love to read it or even if you just want to tell me feel free to comment them below!

Love Kim x

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