Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mundane Midweek


I have been reading a lot of Mundane Midweek posts off of Charlotte's Web's (One of my favourite blogs!) Link up that she started a few weeks back and I love the idea of it! So I decided that considering how today has been especially mundane I decided that now was as good time as any to give it a go!

8:15- Got woken up by a text from a friend. She clearly does not understand that as an unemployed teenager, it is dangerous to wake me up at such an ungodly hour. GOSH!

Not long after I began the military operation which was having a wardrobe Clear out of all the school uniform that I no longer have to wear (Hallelujah!) As well as clothes that don't fit/ I don't wear anymore so I can now move things in my wardrobe! Then Twix wanted to be played with...

"There's the ball, it won't throw it's self!"
Then after a lunch that didn't begin to compare to the Chinese buffet I had yesterday (What do you mean Prom's next week?!) I decided to throw out all the school books and papers that I had been hording for 2 years. I recycled it of course! 

To reward myself, I made a Batch of Brownies! It was the first time I had used that particular recipe and they came out more cake like than I had hoped so maybe I'll give another recipe a go next time but they were Yummy all the same!

Finally I had a relaxed night and caught up on some YouTube Videos and blogs whilst painting my nails. I used Sinful Colours' Soul Mate which I bought from Boots yesterday along with a glitter Silver colour called Beauty Queen for doing something with for my prom nails! Might give that a try next time but I am really happy with the Soul Mate colour!

"On Wednesday we wear pink..."
Read a little Insurgent before bed really enjoying it too! I fell in love with Divergent when I read it but this seems to be taking a different direction as it progresses so we'll see how this goes!

And that was my day! I really love these kind of "day-in-the-life" post and I have read LOADS of those on the Charlottes Web Link up so if you have any Day-in-the-life kind of posts feel free to comment with them!

Love Kim x

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