Sunday, 17 November 2013

Four Pictures- One Week

Hot chocolate- winter is upon us my friends which can only mean one thing; bring on the hot beverages! My choice is hot chocolate of course (options Belgian chocolate indulgence if you're wondering) and in my favourite mug- what else?

McBusted- the two bands of my childhood which me and the Amigas couldn't get tickets for this week. :( what was annoying was the whole "they go on sale Friday but we are selling well over 3/4 of the seats on pre-sale on Thurday!" Ordeal that happened in notts if nowhere else. Not happy. All hope is not lost with tickets for an extra date going on sale tomorrow! Fingers crossed for us!!

Cave paintings- this is how me and my friends spend our Thursday nights these days! Need I say the paper was not all that got face painted. I daren't show the selfies- think black mono-brows and tribal markings with the occasional mustaches and goaty beards. Then you're pretty much there! 

DofE- We stayed in dorms for 1 night and spent two days walking/ navigation training. Resulted in a boggy but very funny weekend that had taught me a few things about boys in dorms:

1. They will walk into your (the girls) dorm, fart, then leave
2. They will put their pubes on an unsuspecting roommates pillow when they've left the room. 
3. Then if you didn't shut your door properly, they will do the same to your dorm. 
Such Class. 
Highlight of the weekend: won at sevens- it was a lucky hand but I'll take the victory !
Lowlight- May have slipped in mud and landed on my bottom in front of my whole group. I couldn't help but laugh at myself though! With that said it beats losing a boot in bog and having to get someone else to dig it out for you. Or plunging your leg in bog up to your knee. Or splattering your face with mud off of your socks. Marginally- but it beats them(maybe!)

How's your week been? 
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