Monday, 18 November 2013

Not Just a Mundane Monday

I am Excited!!

We got them! And like amazing seats too! *Cries with ecstasy* I would like to give a massively humongous thank you hug to my friend's parents who actually bought the tickets for us whilst we were in Sixth Form this morning!
You are the best. 

Something else to look forward to:

Oh yes we have finally decided that Saturday will be the day for Catching fire! Of the Trilogy, this is my favourite book! We aren't booking tickets as it stands right now though due to the cinemas' booking policy being really weird which makes me a little worried because when we went to see Tangled a few years back at half term it was sold out when we got there. all the same we are aiming to get there 45 minutes before the show time so I hope we will be okay!

What's got you excited for this week any plans?

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