Thursday, 4 July 2013

On a Thursday evening in July


After a lazy day, nothing felt better than going out with some friends in the evening grabbing some fast food, stalking through twitter and looking at the sun set over the lake this evening. Unless your choice of fast food is McDonalds (in true American Independence Day fashion) for them to put chicken in your veggie wrap *sigh*. So I sat casually peeling proceed meat that I never want to touch again in my life off of a wrap in a park on a Thursday night in July. That being said the European tourists also on the park this evening with their adorable toddler )that kept running away from them) and this sunset view kind of made up for it...


Yes I know I won't be winning photographer of the year anytime soon and I'm officially boycotting McDonald's for life (I think I've only been 3 times total so it's not such a big loss.) I still had a lovely evening ahead of prom tomorrow!! 

Hope you've had a lovely day too! And happy American Independence Day if you celebrate it!
Love Kim x


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