Sunday, 11 August 2013

Clapping Games


Whilst in line for The Smiler at Alton Towers yesterday two girls in front of us (remarkably) recognised my brother from swimming meets because they swam for another local club. The funniest part of it is that they recognised him purely for is ginger hair- my brother had no idea who these girls were!

They were 8 and 10 so started to play clapping games with us to pass the time in the 2 hour long wait. My favourites are "Popey the Sailor man" and "Miss Mop" but these were apparently alien to these two girls and they liked one about Ribena and tic tacs. 
I love how clapping games are so different wherever you go. The same for campfire songs and how there are different variations of the same songs even between your school/ Brownie pack and the one five minutes up the road. There's an individuality about it that I have grown to love. Not when you're eight or ten though, no then there's just war between you and them over who's version is wrong (always theirs) and who's is right. (Always yours!) for some reason at our brownies we always have a bitter rivalry between those that think Joe worked in a book or a button factory. To this day his true occupation remains a mystery. 

Can you remember any clapping games or songs? 

P.S. The 2 hour wait was totally worth it! We would probably got on sooner if it hadn't been for people throwing up every 20 minutes. I guess 14 is a few loops too many for some stomachs, I can't blame them though we all felt a little queezy after too! 

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