Friday, 30 August 2013

What not to forget for your holidays...

I have came back from a holiday in Devon which explains my absence last week! The miraculous thing about this Holliday is that we actually didn't forget anything major (we left the grape in the fridge, they were gravely missed...)! This made me think of all the things we have forgotten preciously and stuff that is easy to forget to pack. So I compiled them into a list...

1. PJ's 

This is the motif on the PJs that I brought from Primark just before we went because they are so cute! I mean what's not to love about animals in clothes? I was shocked that they fit considering how stupidly weird my legs are but they do and I love them. Unfortunately one year my PJs were left at home for a week but luckily because we were in the UK and I was little at the time, a few pairs we picked up for me!

2. Reading material with attractive actor on the cover

The attractive actor is ESSENTIAL okay? When we went away last year and the year before I didn't bring enough books of my own so my mum gave me one she had read called Need about pixies but on the up side I did like it! But bring enough books so you don't have to resort to not so good books for example the year before last I resorted to my sisters biography of Cheryl Cole. It was dull and boring put nicely shall we say!

3. Orthodontic appliances- DO NOT FORGET THIS!! I very almost forgot these this year but stuck them in my bag quickly before we left. They are easy to leave especially when you wear yours at night, they arn't the first things to cross your mind! 

4. Socks


My mum forgot her socks one time and had to borrow mine (luckily we are the same shoe size!) these chick socks are again from Primark and I thought they were adorable! I didn't want to put pants (even though I just did) but don't forget these either.

5. Nobody's judging you. 
When on holiday I'm a different person a lot of the time. I'm more adventurous, I wear less (if any) makeup and I relax more and worry less because of it. I tried loads of new things in the week I was away including body boarding, golf (I can't see myself winning the US open anytime soon!) and spent quality time with my family, Twix had a blast too! He particularly liked to dig in the sand which was hilarious!

Hope you have enjoyed the holidays if you go back to school/ work/ collage/ Uni next week (I feel sorry for you guess who gets an extra week off!?) Here's to a new year and a fresh start!
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