Monday, 26 August 2013

Woolacombe Devon


Woolacombe Bay Devon
Woolacombe Bay

Woolacombe Bay Devon
Sun Sand and Sea

Illfracombe Elephant Devon
Illfracombe Elephant

Illfracombe Harbor Devon
Illfracombe Harbour

Moustache Braclets
Matching Moustache!

Twix the Lurcher
This is my beach peasants!
As I said here are some of our holiday snaps from Devon! The weather was beautiful the whole week we were there meaning that we went to the beach every day without fail! The whole Woolacombe area is incredibly dog friendly too even my mum said she has never been anywhere so accommodating for dogs! We could take Twix most places but he doesn't mind being left for a while if we went to eat somewhere where dogs weren't allowed so we did a fair balance of things. Wherever you went though, you would see dogs everywhere including in the neighbouring Illfracombe area where signs saying "friendly dogs welcome" were everywhere! 
I had no reason to be sceptical about holidaying in the UK in Devon with the nice weather and taking Twix wasn't a tie at all for us. So a lovely holiday all in all!

I can't believe that next week marks the end of the summer holidays! My brother starts Year 7 on Wednesday and my sister goes into Year 10 on Thursday afternoon (don't ask!). I luckily only have registration for sixth form on Friday then I start year 12 on Wednesday the 11th! So who's up for some school related posts next week?

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