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The White Queen- 3/4 way Review


This review contains SPOILERS read at your own risk.

So episodes seven and eight I thought were very good and there have been a lot of changes in The White Queen particularly to the 3 brothers. Let's list them:

1. George was executed for treason by calling Elizabeth a witch (and killing his wife and  whippet.) He chose to be drowned in the queens favourite wine to make her feel guilty. So their children are Orphans but it was a bit unclear what happened to them.

 2. Edward gained weight in the form of a pillow getting stuffed up his tunic and he died of a fever in episode eight.

3. Richard has been made sworn protector of Edward's son Edward (confusing much?) and elected himself as King so that Elizabeth couldn't rule through Edward. There is a lot of tension between them as you could imagine for the throne. Edward and his siblings however have now been made illegitimate heirs because they are considered to be Bastards so unlawful heirs. This was because Edward was said to have married before Elizabeth in order to sleep with another women.

Speaking of sleeping around remember Edwards Mistress? The woman who he was cheating on Elizabeth with? Well I didn't realise at first because she was just kind of there up until yesterday's episode but her name is Jane Shaw. Since the King had died, she was kicked out the court by Richard and Anne so went to live with Anthony  , Elizabeth's brother and Edward jr.'s guardian before Richard was. So her being her, she slept with him he was arrested and she was met with mixed reactions some of the people felt sorry for her but most saw her as a "whore" and although I wouldn't go as far as to call her that, she shouldn't have done what she did. The bets option for her would have been for her to leave town and start a new life but she didn't and that was resultantly the end of her.

What I'm beginning to see in the show is the rise to and fall from power as a leading theme specifically how it affects the characters. I mean Richard and Anne I mentioned in My half series review to have been my favourite characters but they plot and scheme as much as Edward and Elizabeth did when they were in power which puts me off them yet again! I mean It's inevitable because it's history that they became king and queen but I liked them better when they weren't.

Elizabeth and her 10 children (minus Edward jr.) have gone into "sanctuary" which is the prison like abandoned building that Elizabeth escaped to with her children when Edward lost the throne for an episode earlier in the series. This is kind of sad to see really because I mean her son was born in this poverty and now they're back there. Her other son was wanted by Richard at the palace too but rather than send him there she chose to say he was ill send him with Thomas (no idea who he is but I can't see him coming back! he's either a brother of hers or one of her older sons, I'm not sure.) and then send a fake son to Richard with the same hair colour which is clever when you think that Edward Jr. wont have seen his brother in years.

Now who's the last of the three women I haven't talked about? Oh yes Margaret Beaufort. Now her and Elizabeth are close now after she saved Elizabeth's baby (?) and Margaret has sided with Elizabeth because she knows that Richard being on the throne only increases the gap between the throne and her son. So she is spying on the court for Elizabeth.

The thing that's getting me a bit now is how I feel about the ending. I mean we're at a stage where we know what's coming with the battle of Bosworth and I'm not sure how I feel about knowing what's coming next. That said I guess that's what's part if the magic of period dramas- you watch them knowing the outcome. We'll see anyway!

What have you thought of the show so far? 

Love Kim x

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