Monday, 12 August 2013

New Blog and Updates


Sorry things have been a little sporadic lately but it has been for good reason I promise you! As the title might suggest, I have a new blog! The idea came about when I was writing a White Queen Review and thought that it felt a little out of place on Autumn Leaves and Misperceives. I mean I normally have such a casual tone and then wanted to talk about a serious historical TV drama so it seemed a little odd to me to keep it here. So after conferring with an AMAZINGLY supportive friend of mine, it seemed like the right decision to make a "sister blog" for reviews of all kinds be it books, TV and Films and generally anything entertainment related.

And so Awesome Reads and Misperceives was born! 

*Cue Fireworks, Fire, strobe lights ect.*
The URL is of the same style to this blog which you may have noticed has changed recently to (because and misperceives is 4 syllables too long don't you think?) so similarly (because they are sisters after all!) You can find it at .
Posts on here will still be 3 times a week as usual but I will still aim to post once a week minimum on Awesome Reads! Think of this Lifestyle blog being like a Crazy older sister if you will!
Love Kim x

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