Wednesday, 31 July 2013

New Months Resolutions- August


 I came up with the idea a week or so ago when I realised that I really needed to make some changes in my lifestyle and state of mind. With the start of a new month just hours away I thought I'm going to set some goals this month and stick to them, because the start of a new month is a clean slate in my eyes; It doesn't matter if the last month was a bit of a mess then because August is a new page on the calendar and its clean and tidy and you can do what you want with it right? So here are my three goals...

1. Be less negative: I am a renown Pessimist and my friends and family notice it about me (Sorry!) . The worst thing is it doesn't help anything, it makes everyone around me feel down and it makes me feel pretty darn depressed too; it's basically just really, really rubbish all round isn't it? So I'm going to aim to be more positive in my state of mind and see things in a better light. This is by far the hardest of the aims I have set for this month but the most important to me...

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2. Get more Active: I joined the gym last week after fining out that stretching for the remote on the coffee table doesn't count as exercise. I thought especially with not doing PE next year (hallelujah!!!) and not dancing anymore (I did contemporary dance for a couple of years and a load before that when was a lot younger) and with having more time over the summer I wanted to make a conscious effort to keep active from now on and I'm surprisingly genuinely enjoying myself doing it! (Nobody is more shocked than me!)

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3. Get back into a sleeping routine: I think this may be the route cause of my negativity recently because although I get into bed at around 10:30pm I then go on my phone until 00:45 very late and then not falling a sleep until even later/ earlier . it's a known fact that electronics are a root cause of insomnia (tut tut bad Kim!) so I hope that if I put my phone to charge on the opposite side of my room as opposed to my bed side we'll be okay?

We'll see how this goes and I'll review how its all gone at the end of August! I'm hoping that by writing goals this was ill commit to them more but we shall see! 

Happy August!
Love Kim x

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