Thursday, 11 July 2013

A Quick Little Chatter!


So I just wanted to quickly talk to you guys about a few bits and bobs that have been going on around here so you're in the know I guess! And of Course so that I don't go off on a ramble, I will number my points:

1. Sorry if there is a bit of jiggling about over the next few days/weeks! This blog less than a month old and although I did dedicate some time to sort out my layout before publishing posts there are still bits and bobs that I feel aren't quite right like post layouts and stuff which I would like to be consistent really in their layout. Things like my June favourites post which let's be honest was a bit of a mess layout wise I want to stop. Also the general layout of my blog I'm not 100% happy with but as I say there may be a little jiggling!

2. I'm Trying to settle into a regular posting schedule just because I like routine! What can I say! I'm thinking of posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday for full scale "Planed Posts" then others whenever something interesting happens or something that I think is worth posting about. So basically I am saying is that although I have a schedule now there maybe other unscheduled posts (me contradictory?)

That wasn't too rambly now was it? So I guess this means that I'll see you tomorrow? (Ah I love the certainty of routine!)

Love Kim xx

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