Monday, 22 July 2013

Monsters, Morals and Jamie Campbell Bower


So I managed to start the week well by going to see Monsters University ahora con mi Amiga (sometimes I miss Spanish, it's so strange not going to a Spanish speaking country this summer the closest to abroad I'm getting is Devon!) it was amazing like so good and it all linked perfectly with the original Monsters Inc. seamlessly. Half way through however me and my friend were wondering what the moral to this Disney-Pixar wonder was, it seemed at one point to be that "life is unfair and not everything is theory" which seemed a little demotivating for school kids but it turned out to be that if things don't go to plan initially, don't give up which may be pretty relevant to me and people my age in general come results day! Most importantly it said not to give up on your dreams (because we all love a good Disney clich√© right?) Also the blue Umbrella Short? AMAZE!


After the movie and asking a ticket person to take our picture outside the cardboard Monsters University we went to Number One Bead Shop as my friend is into Jewellery making beading and she picked up some well beads as you might guess amongst other things and everything in there was so pretty it's basically full of strings of the most beautiful beads and they are just the most lovely things ever!

Then after a while of shopping we found ourselves in Waterstones and I was telling my friend about City of Bones which I am reading at the moment. Then we saw the cover with the movie characters on and this was said of Jamie Campbell Bower:
Me: Just look at His cheekbones! He has such amazing cheekbones!
R: Yeah, Its good when Boys have cheekbones...
 It cannot be denied.

Finally we checked for Royal Baby updates (nada) and went to Cookie Shake where I branched out from my usual Galaxy Cookie Crumble and got the Smarties Shake, both are lovely might I add! I have also decided that from this day forward, until the end of 2013, I will not get the same cookie Shake twice. I assure you this will not be like my McDonalds Boycott and I will stick to this like a Stamp to a letter ,like birds on a feather, We'll stick together! (sister act reference intended...)
 Hope your Monday wasn't too much of a drag! What did you get up to today?

Love Kim xx

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