Thursday, 11 July 2013

Mundane midweek 2


So I had a relatively Mundane Day today...

How could anyone Cut down this beauty?
So in the morning on the way to the shops I saw this beauty in a family friends garden which might be getting chopped down! Tried to talk her out of it though I love willow trees!!

I think I have a hair accessories problem...

So i have been a little obsessed with hair bows recently. (If you know me you have probably fell on the floor in shock at how I have destroyed my years long love affair with headbands. These are so much more comfy though and hold hair off my face better.) When I saw these beauties I couldn't resist!! I love the little birdie one and the navy polka dot one is spot on what I was looking for (if you'll pardon the pun.)

So I came home and decided to bake a chocolate cake. My sister's demanded that I make her one for her birthday now...
Nobody in their right mind would eat a slice this big! It's a very rich cake...

Then I had dinner and caught up on some tv- Pretty Little Liars if your wondering- and in doing so accidentally missed the interview round of the apprentice!! iPlayer tomorrow me thinks. 

Finally I got into bed got ready to turn out the light, then my dog walked in who is refusing to sleep in his downstairs bed at the moment. So after getting him a blanket to sleep on, we both went to sleep...

How was your midweek? Be sure to check out Charlottes Web's link-up!

Love Kim xxx

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