Monday, 15 July 2013

Kim's Kinda Reviews-Now You See Me


I Like this film poster, not sure why exactly but I do...

So I'm not going to lie to you when it comes to going to the cinema I have set types of films I normally see: films that have been made out of books - be it a classic novel, YA movie or a fantasy flick if I liked the book i'll see the film. But my friend, who i was going to catch up with suggested we saw Now You See Me. This was advertised as a Crime Thriller which isn't up my street normally but I had see the trailer and it looked good so I thought yeah I'm going to broaden my horizons and see this. My Friend made a very good decision here. She has a good taste in films I have decided!

Although it wouldn't be what I would call a Thriller  exactly, this film had more twists than the maze in the Triwizard Tournament and I loved that! Without giving too much away the film follows a team of FBI agents following a "Magic" act called the Four Horsemen as they performs several stunts/ heists including the "theft" of millions of dollars from a French bank. It also has Morgan Freeman as a magic exposing guy (is it just me who always images him as God from Evan Almighty? Maybe?) and them trying to stay ahead of what stunts they are going to pull next.

Not going to lie had I read this "Film Blurb" having not seen it it would probably not seem like something that's my cup of tea but it really was incredibly gripping and enticing to watch (get me) and every scene had something that set it apart from anything else that happened, good for me who can sometimes find action films a little repetitive at the best of times. I mean as an example, car chases- generally the part of the movie when I check the time- Didn't check the time once! There's almost a connection that you get watching the events that makes it so engaging to watch and even though as I kind of expected there was very little screen time given to character interaction you still get a strong connection with them because they're all very likeable which was strangely brilliant. Just thinking about it, there was no "bad guy" as such but that's a teeny tiny bit of a spoiler for you!

I would love to see this film again, just to follow it though again knowing the ending (which is a shocker) and tracing it back from the start (is that kind of sad of me? Never mind, it's out there now...) Highly recommend it! 

Stars: 4

Films I want to see from the Trailers: 
Kick Ass 2- I loved the first Kick Ass movie I think I've seen it twice or three times maybe? But this is a must see and I had seen the trailer before. I wonder if red mist will make an appearance in this one? I liked his car that had red mist coming out of it, that was a good superhero villain car...

Have you seen any good or surprising films recently? It's all welcome in the comments! 

Love Kim xx

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