Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Embracing the Weird

Is it odd to say hello more than once a day?

So sorry that I don't know the origin of this. It was on Facebook that I saw it but I really wanted to shared it because, well it's adorable! 
It also reminds me of a conversation from yesterday. In the car to buy uniform for my little brother and sister we were discussing the pronunciation of weird. My Mum and Brother say it Wee-er-d whilst me and my sister say we-rd. It's funny considering that we were all thought to speak by the same people. Looks like my dad will be the decider on this one although he's from London so everything he pronounces is automatically deemed wrong. I mean come on Dad, there's no 'r' in bath now is there? 

Do you ever pronounce things differently to people in your family or who you live with? 
Love Kim x

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