Friday, 12 July 2013

Warmer Weather Wishlist


So in this time since finishing school and finishing exams and stuff I have found a few things that I am kind of on the hunt for but maybe can't either bite the bullet and get or have no use for dispute their beauty or adorableness!  Take these beauties for example...


1. Sheer Maxi Skirt- eBay: I saw one of these on sale and didn't buy it cause I thought maybe I wouldn't wear it. Then I saw Hanna on Pretty Little Liars wearing one almost identical and I basically regret not buying it! This is one I found on eBay which has unfortunately sold (it wasn't my size anyway) but still I love it! Also being 5 ft. 8 makes it slightly difficult when it comes to maxi varieties but every so often I find maxi gems that are pretty and long enough...
2. Bambi Hair Bow- Etsy
So as mentioned yesterday I have fallen in love with hair bows recently and I love Bambi as a movie so this is right up my alley! I have never ordered from Etsy though and am a little sceptical even though I know people who have and do but I can't bring myself to bite the bullet on this one...
3. Trilby Hat- Peacocks 
Year before last I picked up two straw Trilbies for a Holliday between me and my sister but after 10 days of laying on them and trips to the beach they weren't worth bringing home again! I have a wide brimmed straw hat for this year but still I don't know if I can resist the temptation of this trilby. 
4. Owl Lamp- Dunelm 
So I love owls and when I was in our local-ish Dunelm I saw this and swooned. I have no where 
To put it in my room but its so darn cute! 
5.  Sanderson Primavera Mandarin Blossom & Neroli Candle- Boots
This is an expensive candle. I cannot justify buying it in any way but I smelt it in boots the week before last and the Neroli scent just hooked me! I love the scent of Neroli and as much as I do I still can't do it! This is a wish list after all though, I can't buy it for myself as I'm not a self indulgent person and I wouldn't, I can still lust for it right?
6. Converse Trainers- Schuh
These on the other handle I  have been holding back on a pair of these for an age now! I have always been looking at black ones but something about the plain black wasn't doing it for me. I think these are the ones though! I think converse will be just the thing for sixth form as they're  casual, comfortable and versatile (couldn't find anything else beginning with the letter C!) also lets be honest they are kind of standard teenage Attire right? 
What's on your wish list right now? Feel free to comment any wish list posts you have done recently, I love to read new blogs!

Love Kim xx

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