Thursday, 18 July 2013

Foxs, Puns and Jolly Good Fun...


So I have had a fab Thursday today going shopping with Mis Amigas and picking up this little beauty from Token House in Town...
Meet Socks (because socks rhymes with Fox, you like?) 
Unfortunately for us Town was packed with University graduates (well done y'all! You made it through!) which meant that we couldn't go to Pizza Hut as planned because the line to be served was out the door! So we went to McDonalds (I know, but they did get my order right at this branch) and had an estimated 600 calorie lunch *faints.* We then went back to my friends for good old fashioned orange squash and a good old bit of Wii Party
Then home and straight out again for a lovely few hours playing just dance with 18 seven to ten year olds at Brownies (I'm a leader since I am older than 10, unfortunately...)  we had a BBQ! This probably wasn't the best place for it in hindsight though...

Whoops! But nothing exploded luckily ,mind you me and my friend did set fire to our dampers so we had to rinse them in a sink. I think it's fair to say that our dampers were the dampest (if you'll pardon the pun...) 
We topped the night off with a good time capsule burial and a game of Chubby bunny (what else can you do with leftover marshmallows?) our winner fit 7 in! I however didn't participate under the grounds of vegetarianism and finally played a good old fashioned game of Duck Duck Goose with a 4 year old. Jolly good fun! 

But if your Thursday was less exciting, just think the weekend is close. But if that's not enough for you: 
Punny Koalas. J'ai Fin. 

Happy Thursday!

Love Kim xx

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