Monday, 29 July 2013

July Favourites


So July was a long time coming but now where has it gone! I'm posting this slightly earlier than I initially planned but with good reason! I have something a bit different to post on Wednesday so eye's pealed for that! So before I start to ramble on these are my favourites for this month!

Fashion Favourites-


Now I am a jeans and a top kind of girl and dresses are a rare thing on my agenda but but with these mood swings that the British weather patterns are having I am having to branch out to deal with the humidity *panics* This Primark Pinafore dress is my current obsession for rainy days where it's quite humid (It feels like Florida in the UK right now me and my Mum almost got caught in a sudden storm earlier and even she said how uncharacteristic this weather is for England! If you don't live here we are used to day long dizzily rain and April showers so these recent storms and flash floods are pretty alien here in the Midlands...) so wearing jeans/ shorts I this weather felt wrong but this has been perfect. Well done Primark!
This Satchel bag I have had for a while now but I cut the label out so can't remember where it's from! It's very sturdy and fits plenty in without being uncomfortably big which I love!
Recognise this hair bow? I have shown it amongst some others in a post this month but I literally haven't taken this baby off! I wear a lot of black so this is pretty much permantly attached to my head now...

Book and Film Favourites-

I figured since I had already mentioned The Divergent series in Last Months Favourites and reviewed Insurgent a few weeks ago I would give this a mention because I really love it! The Secret Garden was a nice contrast from the constant action and plot twists of insurgent which  liked and the story is so cute there isn't one dislikeable character which Is lovely too! I honestly don't think there is a bad guy at all!
How Could I not mention Monsters University? There was no point in me reviewing a Pixar Film. I mean lets be honest, when have Pixar made a bad film? Although I will say Planes worries me a little bit, will it discredit Cars? I hope not but when the Trailer said "I don't cry I'm British!" Brilliant.

Random Favourites-

So we eat a lot of snack bars in our house so I picked these up to try and they are very nice. I'm not going to pretend they compare to a chocolate bar or a tube of Smarties (Man do I love Smarties...) but I really like these for a "healthy" snack I mean you can't eat chocolate all the time! (If only!)
I've mentioned previously that my sister is obsessed with Taylor Swift and although I respect her as a person, I don't normally listen to her music but her first album has a real summer vibe which I love! Specifically Our Song has been a favourite with the lovely weather this month.

The Natural Collection Lipstick in Rosé Bud is my addiction for my makeup days! I haven't wore much if any make up since being off school for the summer break. But when I find something that I like makeup wise, I will then use it within an inch of its life before starting on something else! This colour is very similar to my natural lip colour so it works for me without looking to OTT which is an issue I have sometimes! 

The blue Umbrella short. 
Friend: Went to see Monsters University the other day.
Me: DID YOU SEE THE BLUE UMBRELLA? WASN'T IT ADORABLE? What can I say I love the Pixar shorts! 

Favourite Internet People-
My favourite Youtuber this month would have to be with out a question NerdyandQuirky! She was announced as being one of two winners of a competition to cover John Green' Tuesday videos whilst he has been on paternity leave and from there I was hooked, obsessively. She is really genuinely hilarious and she is quirky (her channel name might suggest)  which is what I love about her videos, there is nothing in my subscription box that is the same! She's really doing it for the comedy girls on YouTube too. Basically I love this girl!
Favourite Quote:

I have no idea of the origin of this picture other than that it was tweeted by bubz beauty a week or so or go. I actually have this on my own mood board on my wall because I do stress easily over little bad things ie: If I wake up late on the morning of an exam I know the whole day will be bad and convince my self "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!" But it's just extra stress so this reminds me  that there is always a do over. 

And that concludes my favourites! What have you been loving this month? Leave it in the comments! 

Love Kim x 

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